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5 Aug 2017


Album of the week: Undergang - Misantropologi

Bathory - War Machine
Undergang - Efter Obduktionen !!!ALBUM OF THE WEEK!!!
Morbid Saint - Lock Up Your Children
Uncanny - Tales From The Tomb
Monstrosity - Dream Messiah
Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary (request)
Undergang - Vaeskende Sar !!!ALBUM OF THE WEEK!!!
Abhorrence - Disintegration Of Flesh
Misery - Misery (Bris)
Morbid Angel - Dominate
Sewercide (Melb) - For Those About To Rot
Terrorizer - After World Obliteration
Undergang - The Chasm (Disgrace Tribute) !!!ALBUM OF THE WEEK!!!
Coroner - Masked Jackal
Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
Crematory - Denial
Demilich - When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water
Unleashed - Onwards Into Countless Battles
Morgoth - Body Count
Macabre - The Hillside Stranglers (request)
Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade
Specral Voice - Album Promo (request)
Cannibal Corpse - The Exorcist (Possessed Cover) (request)
Solstice - Suck My Demonskull (request)
Fleshcrawl - Withering Life
Ghost - Cross Of Stone
Entombed - Shreds Of Flesh

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