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22 Jan 2018

You should know the grave could never tame me

Hello I am not dead. I thought about sparking that rumour up but I ain't doing it.

Some things: Sorry about lack of updates late October my brother (whom I live with) lost his drivers license and his boss really didn't want to have to fire him so they hired me full time! So lately I've been working my ass off some times seven days a week and had to can the Friday night show. I still have two episodes yet to edit and upload so expect them soon. Also I've noticed that majority of the zippyshare links are dead. So I'm going to re-upload every episode on Mediafire compressed into a .zip mega-death-super-file.

 In the meantime you should definitely checkout the new song from Perth headbangers UNRAVEL This new song shits on their EP in my opinion


Thank you to all who supported this small project. You'll never fully know how much I appreciate it.
Feel free to still use the contact form to get in touch with me, this isn't the end


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